Download ViaMichelin 7.18.6

ViaMichelinViaMichelin manufactures digital products for travel assistance to road users and businesses in Europe. It is owned by the Michelin group an was launched in 2001. Michellin has always been associated with the making of maps and other guides which has been a strong factor for the success of ViaMichelin. It has headquarters in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Madrid and Milan. ViaMichelin uses technology to give users a complete map along with important landmarks, hotels , restaurants, traffic information and other information. It is available on it’s official website, mobile platform, personal digital assistants and GPS systems.

Features of ViaMichelin 7.18.6

The features of ViaMichelin app are as follows:

  • The ViaMichelin app covers over 7 million kilometres of roads in more than 42 countries in the form of digital maps.
  • Online hotel reservation is available on it’s app.
  • 18000 tourist site recommendations.
  • Updated speed camera locations and online car rentals.
  • Online store offering GPS accessories and other travel assistance products.
  • Automatic routing and address finder for travel related issues.
  • Distance and route calculation.
  • Traffic information.
  • Important landmarks are shown visibly.
  • Shops, petrol pumps, servicing stations, repair shops and safety camera locations are shown which makes traveling less stressful.
  • ViaMichelin had  it’s own portable GPS navigation system which was ceased in 2008.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Plan your holidays with the help of ViaMichelin as they help you plan out your whole trip.

How to download ViaMichelin 7.18.6?

To access ViaMichelin app, click the link below.

Download EXE File (64/32Bit)

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