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ViaMichelinViaMichelin is a subsidiary group of Michelin group where it develops and markets the digital travel assistance products and services to the road users of the Europe continent. With an experience of a century in the publication of maps and guides by Michelin group, it was launched in 2001. ViaMichelin provides designed services to both the general public and business people. The technological expertise of the company provides a complete service offering over the continent across a range of media including internet, mobiles etc., This organization has 200 employees and its offices are spread over London, Frankfurt, Madrid, Milan, and Paris.

Features of ViaMichelin 7.18.9

  • ViaMichelin has also developed a website which provides mapping coverage around 7 million kilometers of roads and streets across 42 European countries.
  • Multiple languages are available for user-friendliness for effective route guiding.
  • This app also provides the service of booking hotels and restaurants for users all over the continent.
  • Apart from route guiding ViaMichelin has 18,000 tourist site recommendations, 62,000 hotels and restaurants, traffic data, weather updates, online car hire booking, speed camera locations and much more.
  • ViaMichelin also offer online shopping services for a wide range of GPS accessories, navigation tools, and software and PDAs etc.,
  • This website is used to design new product of iPhone-specific maps.
  • This also develops navigation software like comprehensive Michelin guide listings.
  • ViaMichelin launched its portable GPS navigation systems in October 2005.

How to download ViaMichelin 7.18.9

ViaMichelin is now available for mobiles. Now click the button given and install it in your device and explore the continent.

Download ViaMichelin

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