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ViaMichelinLaunched in 2001, ViaMichelin is a subsidiary company of Michelin group. The company uses its technical expertise to design, develop and market its travel assistance products for road users. ViaMichelin offers a wide variety of services including route maps, navigations, hotel listing and tourist information. The services can be availed on mobile phones, internet and Personal Digital Assistance or PDA.

Features of ViaMichelin 7.25.34

Simple- ViaMichelin provides simpler routes to places to people on road in Europe. The working of the app is easily understandable and error free.

Satellite Navigation- The app provides satellite navigation. Users can follow the navigation to reach their destination.

Audio- The app uses audio format to instruct the user about the direction. The voice quality is clear. Users can safely drive without the need of watching the screen repeatedly

Warnings- The app also provides warnings regarding any danger or traffic jams. The estimated time period
to teach the destination is calculated after taking in consideration the on-route traffic. It shows the way where least dangers or traffic is involved.

Speed Limit- A unique feature od the app is that it shows the maximum speed limit at which a user should
drive. It also warns the user if they go above the maximum speed limit.

Night Navigation- The app automatically opens the night mode navigation to enhance visibility and navigation
during nught.

Hotel Booking- It also comes with the feature of hotel booking wherein users can easily book best hotels to

How to download ViaMichelin 7.25.34?

ViaMichelin app can be downloaded using the following link

Download ViaMichelin

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