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ViaMichelinViaMichelin is an app that is designed in a way that develops and markets digital travel assistance products and services for road users in Europe. This app was Launched in the year 2001 and drew upon a century.

Features of ViaMichelin 7.25.58

The following are the features of this app:

  • ViaMichelin helps in experiencing an easy way to search for the location on maps and guides.
  • This app provides services for both the general public and for business travelers.
  • The company uses its technological expertise to provide a complete service which offers maps, route plans, hotels and restaurant listings and traffic and tourist information, etc. across a range of media including the Internet¬†this app not only helps the travelers to search for hotels or maps but also it helps them to experience a memorable comfortable trip and this app even welcomes customers feed back.
  • Users can access many services including automatic routing and travel-related address such as hotels, restaurants, petrol stations, etc.
  • This app also develops navigation software designed for PDAs providing PDA users with direct access to its route calculations and map display services, as well as comprehensive ViaMichelin guide listings.
  • The company launched its own portable¬†GPS navigation systems that included Michelin Guide content and a range of additional location-based content that included shops, petrol stations, service stations and safety camera locations. The apps traffic information service was also available to vehicle manufacturers.
  • The company took the decision to cease production of its GPS range in order to focus on its core activities and services.

How to download ViaMichelin 7.25.58?

The following app can be downloaded via the link provided below :-

Download ViaMichelin

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