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ViaMichelinEvery single journey outside your home is an experience, no matter where you go or how short it is! However, most people know just how cumbersome being stuck in a traffic jam is and the time wasting away as you wait. ViaMichelin comes into the picture here – it is a free application, accessible to anyone and everyone in need of peace of mind as it offers you all the routes with real-time traffic and GPS navigation with voice guidance and 3D mapping.

Features of ViaMichelin 7.25.68

The features of ViaMichelin are as follows:
 Interactive guidance as you drive; 3d maps, satellite and aerial maps and multiple route recommendations.
 Calculate your bus, car, bike routes from your current position to the destination with precise directions.
 Calculate the cost of your trip and your journey through various options.
 Free GPS and permanent speed limit display
 Traffic alerts from real time and anything that leads to congested roads or road works ahead.
 Also provides you the best guide for selection of hotels, events, restaurants etc.

How to download ViaMichelin 7.25.68?

1. On PC, type “ViaMichelin” in search bar of your browser and click on the main page of the app. You may now enter your location, destination and other details.
2. On mobile, go to your playstore and simply install it n your device. Enter your details and travel information.

Download ViaMichelin

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